DELOCK Αντάπτορας από 2x 3.5mm 3-pin (F) σε 3.5mm 4-pin (M), λευκός

This headset adapter by Delock enables you to connect a common headset with two 3.5 mm stereo jack male connector and a standard 3 pin pin assgignment to an iPhone, iPod, iPad or Lenovo notebook with 3.5 mm 4 pin pin assignment.

Τεχνικά Χαρακτηριστικά
– Connector: 1 x stereo jack male 3.5 mm 4 pin > 2 x stereo jack female 3.5 mm 3 pin
– Stereo jack female: red: microphone / green: audio
– Pin assignment 4 pin stereo jack male with CTIA standard
(top > sleeve) Audio left – Audio right – GND – AUX
– Gold-plated connector
– Colour: white
– Cable length: ca. 20 cm (incl. connector)